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Frequently Asked Questions

What is botulinum toxin resistance?

Botulinum toxin resistance is the formation of neutralising antibodies against botulinum toxin treatments, which causes declining treatment effects, or in the worst case, leads to complete non-response. This may be triggered by the presence of impurities* found in most botulinum toxin products.

What should I do if I’m experiencing botulinum toxin resistance in my aesthetic face treatments?

As of now, there is no drug/medication to reverse botulinum toxin resistance. Start from the very beginning with the pure+ botulinum toxin with zero impurities* to minimise the risk. Consult a professional healthcare provider at a trusted aesthetic clinic.

What are impurities* and how do they affect my medical aesthetic treatment?

Impurities* such as complexing proteins are an unnecessary part of most botulinum toxin products. The impurities* do not play a role in successful botulinum toxin treatments and, in fact, may cause neutralising antibodies to form – this may cause subsequent treatments to be rendered ineffective.

How will zero impurities* make a difference for my aesthetic treatments?

Having zero impurities* lowers the risk of developing resistance towards botulinum toxin treatments, therefore maintaining the effectiveness of the treatment.

I’m concerned about looking plastic or fake after my facial aesthetic treatments. What should I do?

Looking plastic or overdone is a common concern among individuals considering an in-clinic treatment with botulinum toxin. With the removal of impurities*, the pure+ botulinum toxin with zero impurities* has been proven to be clinically effective without the need for excessively high dosages2. This provides a more natural look for your medical aesthetic treatments.

Consult a licensed healthcare professional to discuss the treatment options available.

Does the anti-wrinkle injection hurt?

Most patients report that the injection feels like a slight pinch or a sting.

For a more comfortable experience, healthcare professionals may numb the area with a topical numbing cream.

How long does it take for the pure+ botulinum toxin with zero impurities* to take effect?

Generally, the initial effect will be visible within 3-4 days, with full effects kicking in within 30 days. The clinical effect of each treatment lasts up to 4-6 months on average3-5, and repeated dosing of the pure+ botulinum toxin with zero impurities* provides long-term efficacy with minimal risk of developing botulinum toxin resistance.

Will I experience any downtime when using the pure+ botulinum toxin with zero impurities*?

Generally, there is no expected downtime after treatment and you can return to any work or physical activity immediately. However, if you are experiencing any reactions to the treatment such as loss of strength, general muscle weakness, blurred vision or drooping eyelids, avoid operating any machinery or dangerous activities.

If the effects persist or affect your day to day activities, consult your doctor immediately.

How does the pure+ botulinum toxin with zero impurities* work?

The pure+ botulinum toxin with zero impurities* acts on nerve endings to block the release of a chemical that is needed for muscle contraction.

Individual results may vary.