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The Pure + Botulinum Toxin Injection – Micro Edition


What makes your skin beautiful, and how can going pure help you attain that beautiful skin and keep it that way for years to come?


Pure+ & Light


At the core of all beautiful skin is the discipline of consistent maintenance right from the beginning. The secret is keeping up with good skincare always.

Keeping it light and simple, one can reap the benefits of this minimally invasive treatment with great peace of mind and assurance. It is suitable for people who are new to aesthetic treatments and those who are looking to complement their other aesthetic treatments with botulinum toxin injections for beautiful skin.


Why choose the Pure+ Botulinum Toxin (Micro edition)?


Because Pure+ is Refined

The pure+ botulinum toxin (Micro Edition) is an injection that helps achieve a more balanced and refined appearance of the skin, giving it a beautiful lustrous glow.


Because Pure+ is Light

With pure+ botulinum toxin (Micro Edition), less is definitely more. All it takes is a light touch on the muscle for a slight, soothing effect. The effects? Skin that looks truly natural and not frozen.


Because Pure+ is Smooth

The pure+ botulinum toxin (Micro Edition) helps in preventing the formation of wrinkles or minimising them while allowing facial movements.


But not all botulinum toxin formulations are created equal.

Unlike most other commercially available botulinum toxin treatments, the pure+ botulinum toxin (Micro Edition) comes without impurities*, making it effective after every treatment. This lowers the risk of developing botulinum toxin resistance, one of the main causes of declining treatment effects.

Find out more about botulinum toxin resistance and how you can avoid it.

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